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Who we are?

We are a non-profit organization aimed towards making a difference in this world. With a little support from you, we want to help the less fortunate ones in our community. Because matters a lot to us if we can make a child smile by a simple act of helping them attend school or to see a worried father take a sigh relief as we help them arrange food for their dependents. We believe everyone has the rights to enjoy life, its pleasures and happiness like the rest of us do. The gap of wealth that deprives them of this happiness is what we hope to bridge.

What do we do?

As a non-profit non-governmental organization, we collect funds donated towards the respective causes and ensure that they are used to help the specific causes with complete transparency. We spend your donations on the ones who deserve the most and ensure that your help is not in vain. We provide aid, relief support and supplies to poor communities. We focus on children, their education and orphans who do not have guardians that can provide appropriate shelter and schooling. No child should be left at the mercy of the streets and unfortunate circumstances.


Our mission is to assist and help communities that cannot afford to help themselves. From simply providing a night’s dinner to helping the youth get basic education. Stopping a life from being ruined by poverty and the pandemic is what we are constantly working for. We want to protect innocent children who cannot care for themselves and provide them with adequate housing and education, so that they may not live the life of the deprived. Our mission is to save lives from helplessness, hopelessness and the cruelty of fate.


Our vision is to simply make a difference. To pull someone from despair and hold their hand as they try to get back to or enter what we call a better life. Those less fortunate than us are just as deserving of all that we enjoy. We envision to one day help get rid of this inequality and to help the poor and destitute find some comfort in life. We want to provide beyond basic necessities, to extend aid and relief to communities that experience the harsher side of the pandemic. We hope and pray to bring people together, arm in arm to help everyone we can.

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